Unruly, disrespectful, leftist protest mob descends on Blackstone Town Hall with Rep. Dave Brat

I drove to Blackstone, VA tonight to participate in the Town Hall meeting being held by Congressman Dave Brat. And it went downhill from there.

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House Freedom Caucus Unveils Affordable Care Act Replacement | Video | C-SPAN.org

Members of the House Freedom Caucus' unveil proposed legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act.

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Rep. Dave Brat Special Veterans Issues Town Hall July 20th

Congressman Brat will be holding a special Town Hall meeting to discuss veteran's issues on July 20th from 7-8:30 PM. Details: Disabled American Veterans Al Bartraw Jr. #50 Chapter 6221 Newbys Bridge Road Chesterfield, VA 23832 Mark your calendars now!

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Other breaking elections news today….

Republican Congressman Dave Brat (VA-7) is now unopposed for the Republican nomination for reelection to his 7th district seat. There has been extensive speculation that he would draw a challenger, but one did not materialize by the filing deadline today at 5PM.     Additionally, Richmond Tea Party's own board of directors member Ben Slone, [...]

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Date set for 7th District Republican Committee Meeting – SATURDAY

After a few misfires on scheduling due to redistricting events, the 7th District Republican Committee meeting is now back ON. See below for details. Should be an interesting meeting. VA-7 Republican Committee - Meeting Venue for Saturday 1/30 @ 4pm - GOOCHLAND HIGH SCHOOL The address is: Goochland High School Auditorium 3250 River Road West? [...]

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UPDATE: CANCELLED – 7th District Republican Committee Meeting Jan 16th

UPDATE: Meeting CANCELLED again. Will update on future schedule when available. Details: 7th DISTRICT COMMITTEE MEETING – CANCELLED WHEN: Saturday, Jan. 16th, 10:00 AM WHERE: Goochland County Library 3075 River Road West, Goochland, VA

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7th District Republican Committee Meeting Jan 16th

With all of the redistricting movement, the 7th has some new boundaries (as do several other VA districts). Following a recent cancellation, the 7th district Republican committee has scheduled its next meeting for this Saturday. This should be an interesting meeting for all attendees. Details: 7th DISTRICT COMMITTEE MEETING – NEW DATE & LOCATION – [...]

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7th District Republican Committee Meeting on Sat 1/9 has been CANCELLED.

Passing this along...the 7th district republican committee meeting scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday) at 4:30PM has been cancelled due to redistricting activities (see below). ________________________ Newly revised redistricting law requires that the January 9th 7th congressional district meeting to be held: Saturday, January 9, 2016  ----  4:30 P M – IS Cancelled !!!!!!! Location - The [...]

Partisan Dept of Justice Decides IRS Not Guilty of Crimes While Attacking Tea Party

In a decision that absolutely no one finds shocking, the corrupt and partisan Department of Justice just decided that the IRS did not commit any crimes while it was targeting conservative groups with inappropriate and intrusive information requests, and while delaying and denying requests to obtain non-profit status for their organizations. (Press release) Of course, [...]

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Congressman Dave Brat – Talking sense on the economy

Dave Brat is one of a very precious few in DC who are making any sense at all regarding the upcoming debt cliff and the need to confront it....all while showing deference to the Constitution and the principles his party purports to represent. It boggles the mind to see the thought process in DC that [...]

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GOP “leadership” once again kicks the can; approves continuing resolution theater

Well, in a move surprising to essentially no one, the spineless and worthless GOP leadership has caved AGAIN on offering even a semblance of fiscal responsibility, instead deciding to fund government with a CR (continuing resolution) until December. And then we all know how this theater ends....with claims of urgency right before the holiday, which results [...]

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