Some applause…and a warning

Question: If you’re the incoming Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid vows to block the repeal of ObamaCare, do you  (A)  Ignore him? (B)   Retreat from your commitment to repeal ObamaCare? (C)   Send him the following letter: Thank you for reminding us – and the American people – of the backroom [...]

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Or Else, What?

"We have to do it" came the cry. "It's the end of the world." Guess what? We let them get away with it, and now they're doing it again. It's the ultimate trump card, trumping reason, trumping fact, and trumping consensus. They're going to play this trump card until we make them stop. This [...]

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Second Thoughts About Second Thoughts About Earmarks

It is so nice to be proven right through no effort on one’s part. In my last post, “Second Thoughts on Earmarks,” I said that it was relatively easy know who is requesting earmarks, and voila! Three groups are making that information available to all. According to the Washington Examiner, three groups; Taxpayers for Common [...]

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What’s Really Wrong With Quantitative Easing?

Here are a few thumbnails; share them with your friends. It makes no sense at all to be paid a few dollars for a day's work when hundreds of billions of those very same dollars are effortlessly clicked into existence at the whim of one man. If I can pay you with money I created [...]

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Second Thoughts About Earmarks?

I’m a Redskins fan, so I know disappointment. Apparently, there are signals that the incoming Republican Congress is considering disappointing us regarding earmarks. All Republican senators and apparently a significant number of representatives signed a pledge before the election to forego asking for earmarks and/or eliminating the practice. (I could not find a list of [...]

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An Examination of Available Data, Part 2: How Did TARP Get Repaid, and Where Did All Those Bonuses Come From?

In our previous post we began a report on how the Fed is using its balance sheet to protect TBTF banks and their investors. Now let's dig a little deeper into data recently pried out of the Fed by CONgress, under pressure Here's another must-read piece, at, which tracks the bailout of Goldman [...]

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An Examination of Available Data: Part 1

What a difference a little disclosure makes. For the remainder of this article, remember this timeline: Bear Stearns crisis, March, 2008. Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, September 15, 2008. TARP, October 3, 2008. AIG Financial Products taken over by Fed and given $85 Billion loan: September 16, 2008. Wikileaks brings us this information via U.K. Guardian from [...]

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Tea Party victory on atrocious spending bill

Since I made a negative post earlier this morning, I thought I’d balance it with something positive. (And I can’t overstate how positive this is.) The Statists in Washington thought they could ram one more reckless deficit-ballooning, liberty-stealing bill through in the lame duck session while we weren’t paying attention after the election and right [...]

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URGENT Manassas Tea Party Alert – Call your Senators!

Today, Dan Arnold of the Manassas Tea Party sent the following alert. ---- Friends, its snowing here in Manassas but thats nothing compared to the blizzard of insanity going on in Washington today. The Senate is threatening to pass an Omnibus spending bill unparalleled in its recklessness. Our economy is teetering on the brink, our [...]

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Dems’ Last-Minute, $1.1 Trillion Spending Feast

The Dems in Congress just don't get it.  They aren't listening to the American people, who sent a resounding message Nov. 2 that they don't desire any more spending and they desire massive cuts in spending.  Instead, the Congressional Dems are poised to pass a spending bill of $1.1 trillion. And critics wonder whether the [...]

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Congress Fails to Learn Lessons of Midterm Elections

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 13, 2010                                                                            Contact: Colleen Owens Phone: 804-335-5966 Email: Congress Fails to Learn Lessons from the Midterm Elections Legislature changes school menus but does nothing to reduce spending or the debt Richmond, Va. – The Richmond Tea Party is seeing little if any indication that Congress or Republican leadership has learned [...]

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More Clear Thinking from Tiny Iceland

From the U.K. Telegraph, this wonderful example of how to solve a debt crisis: let the banks fail. As you read this, please understand the "recovery" model that is being put forward, and supported by politicians of all stripes, for the U.S. That model is this: endless free money and bonuses for the banks, and [...]

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