Washington: Anything But Balanced

    Spending always increases. Balanced approach? No way, no how. The government spending machine marches on, devouring all. I see no end on the horizon. It is with this understanding that we must continue. Perseverance will win the day.   Watch this video from the Tea Party Patriots national group. Don't be discouraged...there's folks [...]

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George Allen’s Debate Debacle

George Allen made excuses for the $3.2 trillion national debt increase during his tenure in the US Senate, according to Jamie Radtke, who “savaged” Allen during the most recent debate amongst candidates vying for the GOP nomination.  Radtke went on to claim—and rightly so—that Allen was part of the problem.  View these comments and so [...]

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That’s the sound of the federal debt rising under then-Sen. George Allen.  During his six years in office, the federal debt went from $5.72 BILLION to $8.68 BILLION.  Almost THREE TRILLION DOLLARS.  And so, in Nov. 2006, guess where Allen was?  GOOOOOONE!  Voted out of office.  And that’s where he should stay.   Every single [...]

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Debt Ceiling: Cut, Cap and Balance First!

A vote on raising America’s debt ceiling may take place as soon as today. America needs leaders who place responsible, fact-based decision-making above all else. They might actually be in office today, fully aware of both pertinent fact and the best course of action. Their challenge lies in legislating from a perspective of whole truth [...]

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We’re in BIG trouble … which we already knew

As you probably know by now, our own Eric Cantor couldn’t muster the will to cut the full $100 billion from the budget he and other Republicans promised during the 2010 campaign. While this is disappointing, it’s certainly not unexpected and highlights just how much work we have left to do. Because even if he [...]

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The End of the Beginning?

The last not quite two years have been exciting.  The Tea Party movement has grown from protests and rallies and inundating Congress with phone calls, e-mails, and visits about pending legislation, to getting real fiscal conservatives elected to Congress.  We brought the foundational principles of Constitutionality and fiscal discipline and the issue of mounting debt [...]

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James Bacon is the RTP Monthly Meeting Featured Speaker

The RTP meeting on February 22 will feature James Bacon of www.baconsrebellion.com. He is the author of Boomergeddon and also speaks nationally (CNN and radio talk shows across the U.S. and Canada) about the national debt and out-of-control congressional spending. Read about Jim Bacon. Date: 2/22/2011 Time: 7:00 p.m. Place: James River High School

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Next Steps to Repeal Obamacare? As Many as it Takes.

The House of Representatives yesterday, by a 245-189 vote, passed landmark legislation for the repeal of the governmental overreach known as Obamacare. Votes in favor included three Democrats, although Virginia’s Dems voted “nay”.   It may help to take time for a call or note to those who have honored well-considered campaign promises. We should [...]

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Health Care Bill: Individual Deficits For All

We’ve heard that the CBO scores the Health Care bill somewhere between deficit-neutral and revenue-friendly. How can that be?  More taxes, of course.  This  detailed summary of Obamacare taxes from Ryan Ellis, Tax Policy Director at Americans for Tax Reform, will separate these mythical future savings from soon-to-be real-life costs to us all. It’s class [...]

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Keep the Pressure On

The Wall Street Journal has an editorial showing that we must keep pressuring the House—even Republicans—to do the right thing on spending. When congress has cut spending, say by killing an earmark, it’s been their practice simply to put that money back in the spending pot.  So they got the headlines for “saving” money but [...]

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Having a “Town Hall” Mindset

I attended the Town Hall Wednesday evening at James River High School in Chesterfield County. Sponsored by The Virginia Tea Party Patriots Cooperative Legislative Action Committee and moderated by RTP’s Legislative Committee Chairman Joe Guarino, the event attracted (my estimate) 150-200 citizens and seven state legislators: Delegate M. Kirkland Cox Delegate Riley E. Ingram Delegate [...]

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