More businesses dying than being created since Carter era

The Obama economy continues to decline, as these stark new numbers indicate. Bad economic policies accompanied by harsh regulation is strangling businesses, resulting in stunted (or no) growth. Major retail chains are downsizing or completely failing, all while you see the product sizes shrink for the items you purchase every day (while the prices of [...]

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Meeting/Party Dec. 12th! How the Grinch Stole the Economy

MEETING NOTICE! How the Grinch Stole the Economy! Join us as we hear the story of how our previously-robust economy has been stolen by the Government, and what action you should take now! Economist Robert Marcellus, Managing Director of Richmond Optimus, will show you the "real" state of our economy, how it got that way, [...]

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Everyone whom has ever posted anything on the internet has at some time posted their predictions.  Most of them are wrong.  Time will tell about mine. One thing I have learned is this: in spite of the facts on the ground historic high deficits that continue seemingly without end unsustainable debt loads at the federal, [...]

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Beggars + burning embassies = failed leadership

She was there again this weekend. She must be in her late 40s, but her hair is neat, and her skin and teeth seem well cared for. She must be new to begging — that seems fairly obvious. Rather than meet the eyes of passing drivers, she keeps hers averted, looking down at the "Homeless, [...]

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"The Federal Reserve Is a Cartel" – G. Edward Griffin

G. Edward Griffin, author of "The Creature From Jekyll Island," discusses the Federal Reserve, the one-party political system, and how the Fed is used to skim wealth from the producers.  

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Funzies In The Silver Market

From Numismaster: London Squeeze Raises Silver Price (by Patrick A. Heller, 9-4-12) When the price of silver topped $30 about 10 days ago, demand on this exchange surged. The best information I have is that at least two purchases were made then, each in the range of 5-10 million ounces of silver. The sellers simply [...]

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China, Germany plan to settle more trade in yuan, euros

Aug 30 (Reuters) - Germany and China plan to conduct an increasing amount of their trade in euros and yuan, the two nations said in a joint statement after talks between Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in Beijing on Thursday. Remember, Germany's the economic engine of Europe, and China is the economic [...]

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Really? Obama Better than Romney…on the Economy?

According to Rasmussen Reports, 44% of Americans trust Obama more on the economy than Romney.  Really?  REALLY?!? Under Obama’s administration, America’s credit rating was downgraded for the first time in America’s history.  As a result, the cost of borrowing increased.  For example, instead of borrowing, say, $100 BILLION from China at 2%, it will now [...]

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Should We Deregulate and Allow Capitalism to Flourish, or…

Nationwide, 18.2% of Americans so far in 2012 say there have been times when they could not afford the food they needed, on par with the 18.6% who had trouble affording food in 2011. (GallupWellbeing, by Alyssa Brown) Another sign that the economy is not recovering quickly enough: A significant number of Americans are still [...]

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New Bill Request: The “Single Point Of Contact” Act

"This government will operate like an ambush." - Patrick Henry, at the Virginia Ratification Debates, 9 June 1788 Once upon a time a man could earn an honest living for himself without being attacked by a bureaucracy.  What the hell happened? If you are not self employed, much of this bureaucracy is hidden from you.  [...]

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George Allen’s Debate Debacle

George Allen made excuses for the $3.2 trillion national debt increase during his tenure in the US Senate, according to Jamie Radtke, who “savaged” Allen during the most recent debate amongst candidates vying for the GOP nomination.  Radtke went on to claim—and rightly so—that Allen was part of the problem.  View these comments and so [...]

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