Senator Webb, Support ALL the Bush Tax Cuts!

While Senator Jim Webb (D-Va.) has proven to be a solid, left-wing voter so far, (ObamaCare, Financial Reform, etc.), it looks like he may be trying to slip out of lockstep and tiptoe to the right this fall, along with some other fellow Democrats who fear an increasingly angry electorate. Blogger Jay Hefflin notes  in a September [...]

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Stop the Financial Reform Power Grab

Another day in Washington, another massive attempt to grab power and steal your liberties.  The financial reform legislation that recently emerged from the House/Senate conference committee is a continuation of the contemporary standard operating procedures of ignoring the Constitution, crafting an intentionally long and complex bill that no one -- including its supporters -- will [...]

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Financial Reform Bill: Bank Lobbyists too Big to Fail, but Fed Can Spy on YOU!

Far from being an effective measure that protects anyone but the banks, the Senate's Financial Reform Bill is itself a testament to the power of money. Two thousand banking lobbyists descended on Washington to ensure that any effective restrictions on banks' power and guaranteed profitability were stripped away. They succeeded. The bill does virtually nothing [...]

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The Financial Condition of the World: Excepts From the Mainstream and Alternative Financial Press (Part III)

In this final installment, I want to emphasize the connection between economics and politics. In my mind the two are interwoven and inseparable. Economics is about who produces what, and politics is about who gets to keep it. The political system is exactly as virtuous as are the people who comprise it. Activity in the [...]

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Trapped in Underland

What a fitting coincidence that the DVD version of Tim Burton’s "Alice in Wonderland" movie was released last week, and the Senate also passed that strange financial reform bill! Starting with the ObamaCare mess, and now with this most recent piece of ill-begotten legislation, I feel like Alice, fallen down a rabbit hole and into [...]

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