Stopping Voter Fraud

Okay, we all know the Big Government politicians love to cheat their way to victory (Al Franken, anyone?), and it appears that the shenanigans have already started this year (see here and here, for example). So we must be extra vigilant this election (and every other one to come, for that matter), doing whatever we [...]

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So Now We Know…

...why both so-called parties of fed dot gov don't want to deal with the illegal immigration issue: illegals are helping keep the Social Security system afloat. I've always known it was about demographics, but a recent WaPo article confirms it: by paying SS taxes but being ineligible to receive benefits, illegal immigrants are making a [...]

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More Obama Arrogance

So it turns out President Obama received roughly a million dollars of contributions from Goldman Sachs-affiliated executives and employees. Goldman Sachs is currently under public scrutiny for a potential $1 billion of fraud. Remind you of anything? From the Washington Examiner: Campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs employees to President Obama are nearly seven times as [...]

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