Here’s What It Looks Like from Where I’m Sitting

News is flying by real fast. Grab your hat, it's gonna get windy. The European Central Bank (ECB) is fighting a losing battle. It is easy to tell this is so: they are telling ever-bigger lies about their soon-to-be-really-announced, no-kidding-we-really-have-a-great-plan, bailout program-of-the-hour, ever more frequently. There is no money; the ECB has invented a massively [...]

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The Best Politicians Money Can Buy…

...and are they using recycled taxpayer money? Is it really this easy to connect the dots? Courtesy of John Lohman, shamelessly ripped from Zerohedge (click on the image for a full size pic): So where did they get the money? Why, maybe from you! Goldman's share of AIG bailout money draws fire Suspicions of potential [...]

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Wanna Know Why House Prices Skyrocketed, Then Collapsed?

Did you buy a house in good faith, at the peak of prices, only to see the value of that house collapse when the housing market collapsed? Would you like to know why house prices skyrocketed and then collapsed? Are you upside-down in your house? Maybe you are concerned about losses incurred by your retirement [...]

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An Examination of Available Data, Part 2: How Did TARP Get Repaid, and Where Did All Those Bonuses Come From?

In our previous post we began a report on how the Fed is using its balance sheet to protect TBTF banks and their investors. Now let's dig a little deeper into data recently pried out of the Fed by CONgress, under pressure Here's another must-read piece, at, which tracks the bailout of Goldman [...]

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Neel Kashkari Channels Marie Antoinette

Neel Kashkari, formerly VP at Goldman Sachs, formerly director of the popular TARP bank bailout program that stole $700 Billion from taxpayers and rescued the banks and the banking class from their own stupidity, has some advice for the taxpaying middle class: stop being so selfish and get ready to sacrifice for the common good. [...]

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Trapped in Underland

What a fitting coincidence that the DVD version of Tim Burton’s "Alice in Wonderland" movie was released last week, and the Senate also passed that strange financial reform bill! Starting with the ObamaCare mess, and now with this most recent piece of ill-begotten legislation, I feel like Alice, fallen down a rabbit hole and into [...]

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More Obama Arrogance

So it turns out President Obama received roughly a million dollars of contributions from Goldman Sachs-affiliated executives and employees. Goldman Sachs is currently under public scrutiny for a potential $1 billion of fraud. Remind you of anything? From the Washington Examiner: Campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs employees to President Obama are nearly seven times as [...]

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