Senate to Vote on Cut, Cap, and Balance Tomorrow Morning (Friday)

The House did its job in passing Cut, Cap, and Balance. Now it moves to the Senate. Lindsey Graham reported tonight that it will get a vote in the Senate Friday at 10:30am. That gives supporters only a few hours to shut down the phones for Senators Webb (202-224-4024) and Warner (202-224-2023) to urge them to [...]

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Interview with RTP President

To give you an idea of what Richmond Tea Party is working on now and for the future, I interviewed President Eric McGrane. My questions and his responses are below. ----  What major initiatives are on tap for Richmond Tea Party this year?  The primary focus for the rest of the year will be activities [...]

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Eric Cantor needs to hear from us on the debt ceiling

An excerpt from my latest post on We heard all kinds of doomsday prophesies from the Washington Spenders about how the world would literally end if America didn’t raise its debt ceiling in time. Yet when we reached it, all Treasury Secretary Geithner had to do was move some funds around to keep us [...]

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Senator Warner Is Ultra-Super-Serious About Lowering These High Gas Prices

So serious that he recently e-mailed me a link to a map showing the cheapest gas in my area. Three locations pop up: one in Powhatan and two in Petersburg. Considering those are all about a 45-minute drive from my house, I’m not sure I’ll call that a net savings in gas. Warner’s e-mail also [...]

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