Can you trust a politician? (Guest blog post by Susan S.)

Trust is a huge, little word. Those of us who are Christians are called upon to trust in a God we cannot see, and we willingly do so because He keeps His promises.  Trust takes a backseat, however, when it comes to politics.  Rarely do we see promises fulfilled.  Now, more than ever, faith in [...]

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VA TEA Party Federation Exec Comm Endorses Radtke

Today, the executive committee of the Virginia TEA Party Patriot Federation endorsed Jamie Radtke for the US Senate.  "Jamie understands that the proper role of government is to protect life, liberty, and property," the committee stated in its release.  They urged everyone to vote for Radtke in the GOP primary next Tuesday, June 12.

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George Allen’s Debate Debacle

George Allen made excuses for the $3.2 trillion national debt increase during his tenure in the US Senate, according to Jamie Radtke, who “savaged” Allen during the most recent debate amongst candidates vying for the GOP nomination.  Radtke went on to claim—and rightly so—that Allen was part of the problem.  View these comments and so [...]

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RTP Stands with Radtke in Calling for an Investigation into the IRS

Richmond Tea Party’s former president and current U.S. Senate candidate, Jamie Radtke, issued a press release yesterday, calling on Rep. Darrell Issa to launch an investigation into whether or not the IRS is intentionally stalling the process of granting tax-exempt status to Tea Parties and other liberty groups across America. From her letter: There is a [...]

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Radtke on Fox Business Channel: TONIGHT @ 10PM

Tune in Folks!   What: Jamie Radtke will  be a guest on "Follow the Money" with  Eric Bolling (Fox Business Channel). When: 10pm tonight ( 13 January 2011) Topic: Radtke remarks on  Wasserman-Schultz's accusations that the Tea Party is to blame for the Gabby Giffords shooting.     Radtke for Senate Phone: 804-451- 5985 Fax: [...]

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Petition Drive for Jamie Radtke

Petition Drive for Jamie Radtke THIS Saturday, January 14, 8:30 a.m.   Several weeks ago, the Richmond TEA Party endorsed its very own Jamie Radtke for US Senate. An endorsement, however, will not get her on the ballot. The rules for the Senate race require that each candidate file petitions with 10,000 validated signatures in [...]

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Hampton Roads Tea Party endorses Jamie Radtke for US Senate

  The Hampton Roads Tea Party released its endorsement of US Senate candidate Jamie Radtke today. Mrs. Radtke is running for the republican nomination to replace outgoing US Senator Jim Webb, with the republican primary being held on June 12th, 2012. Mrs. Radtke lives in the Richmond area, and is the prior President of the [...]

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Obama Speech: Same old approach, new spin

Jamie Radtke’s statement regarding President Obama’s “jobs speech” President Obama’s speech proves one fact: He doesn’t understand how to get government out of the way of job creators. So he’s trying the same old approach that he already tried and that already failed and is just putting a new spin on it. He’s chasing the [...]

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Some Thoughts on the Jamie Radtke/RedState Issue

As someone who worked closely with Jamie Radtke for over a year, I have to weigh in on this craziness going on between her and I’m not looking for a fight with limited government conservatives, though. I have my hands full battling the Big-Government progressives. My purpose in this post is simply to say [...]

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The Politics of Character Assassination

I knew that the ugliness of politics would eventually hit close to home. But what I did not envision is that it would come at the hands of fellow conservatives. If you follow Virginia politics, you've probably seen some mention in the last two days of a scuffle between US Senate candidate Jamie Radtke (also [...]

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Meet the Candidate Event: “An Evening in the Garden” with Jamie Radtke

Please Join Nationally-Renowned Decorator And Owner of “The Wallpaper Place” Karen Farrow For “An Evening in the Garden” In Support of Jamie Radtke, Chairwoman Emeritus of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation and Republican Candidate for United States Senate. Come spend the evening with Jamie to learn about her and her candidacy. Jamie would like [...]

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