Congressman Dave Brat: Will Not Support Boehner for House Speaker

Congressman Dave Brat (VA-7th District) added his name today to the growing list of House reps who will not support John Boehner as Speaker of the US House of Representatives in Tuesday's election. If you're like me and are interested to know where Congressman Randy Forbes stands on this vote, please give him a call [...]

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Recap of Randy Forbes Protest March

"He threw us under the Cromnibus" On Saturday December 13th, several RTP supporters joined the Chester Patriots for a protest march to the office of Congressman Randy Forbes. Depending on location and time, there were between 35-45 people in attendance on that beautiful Saturday afternoon.  By now, many of you have learned that Rep Forbes [...]

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Call Congress NOW to Fight Amnesty and Protect the Constitution

Call Congress Now Tell your representative to vote NO on the rule governing debate on amendments RTP supporters: Many of you are aware of the amnesty issue and how President Obama illegally seized the power to take executive actions on amnesty by exercising power that his office does not hold. This is a direct assault on [...]

Laura Ingraham on Amnesty: What is the Point of Having a GOP Congress?

Laura Ingraham blast the federal GOP leadership on its total unwillingness to use its Constitutional authority to reinforce the rule of law and defend the power structure of our government's three branches. This issue is not about amnesty; rather it's about defending the Constitution and expecting the GOP congress members to fight for their authority. [...]

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House Leadership set to cave on fighting Obama’s executive overreach's become so common now that we almost can't act surprised, but reports are coming out that John Boehner and republican leadership have no intention of using the power of the purse to slap down President Obama's outrageous power grab (exerted for actions on illegal alien amnesty). We'd like to think that there is representation [...]

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Is the Republican Leadership about to Kneecap Conservatives?

Interesting article today on Conservative Review detailing how House Speaker John Boehner may be about to launch an attack on House conservatives. If the republicans pick up some House seats in November using squishy moderate candidates, Boehner may begin to get the numbers he needs to partner with democrats to ram through whatever part of [...]

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The Tea Party Has Not Yet Begun to Fight

    From Breitbart today, a story about the tea party's current state of influence. Timely article given Speaker Boehner's inability to get his "Plan B" bill passed, which would extend current tax rates on most Americans while increasing those making more than $1 million annually.     From the article: If the Tea Party [...]

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VTPP Issues Press Release on Conservative Purge

The Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation has issued a press release regarding the recent republican purge of conservatives from various House committee positions. Full text below: For Immediate Release December 5, 2012 Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation Contact: Mark Daugherty 540-885-5627 Email: 540-255-1431 Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation Demands That Speaker Boehner Reinstate House [...]

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House Leadership Purging Conservatives

Well, just more fuel for the fire. House Republicans are now working directly against you, purging conservatives from committee positions in the House. You see, you can't have uncomfortable ideas like "fiscal responsibility" and "liberty" gaining, those ideas must not be allowed to stand. So in moves that have taken the breath away from [...]

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Speaker Boehner Thinks You’re a “Knuckledragger”

Well isn't this just special? It's candid moments like this when our "leaders" in Washington let slip out what they really think about us, and the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives is no different. When speaking recently to Greta Van Susteren on FoxNews regarding the TARP bailout, Speaker Boehner had this to say: [...]

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Republicans Cave; Debt Ceiling Will Be Raised

Bloomberg: "House Speaker John Boehner said he agrees that the U.S. debt limit must be raised and the government can’t be allowed to default on its debts, but he also said Democrats are not serious enough about trimming entitlement programs." I imagine the discussion at the White House went something like this:

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Keep the Pressure On

The Wall Street Journal has an editorial showing that we must keep pressuring the House—even Republicans—to do the right thing on spending. When congress has cut spending, say by killing an earmark, it’s been their practice simply to put that money back in the spending pot.  So they got the headlines for “saving” money but [...]

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