What’s Really Wrong With Quantitative Easing?

Here are a few thumbnails; share them with your friends. It makes no sense at all to be paid a few dollars for a day's work when hundreds of billions of those very same dollars are effortlessly clicked into existence at the whim of one man. If I can pay you with money I created [...]

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What your representatives are doing (or not) about Quantitative Easing; UPDATE: Randy Forbes responds

On November 15th, the Virginia Tea Party Patriots sent a letter to the Virginia Congressional Delegation condemning the “Quantitative Easing” (i.e., printing money and causing inflation) strategy the Federal Reserve is pursing. We want to provide you with the responses we received. ---- Rep. Eric Cantor—who is a co-sponsor of the Audit the Fed bill—provided [...]

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Time for a QEA Party!

“Arrest him!” he said.  “Arrest him!” “Why?” said helpless Uncle Sam. “Because he’s stolen my wallet and my shorts.  And, if I turn my back again, he’ll take the shirt off my back!” And so goes the story between Joe Citizen and Uncle Sam as they ponder what to do about Ben Bernanke. Then one [...]

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JP Morgan Included in Two More Lawsuits Alleging Silver Manipulation

Blythe Masters....call your office. It's very important to understand the natural and ever-present friction (war?) between real money and monopoly money, and how that friction impacts your life and your ability to earn a living, support yourself and your family, and, in so doing, find an expression for your liberty. If the economy in which [...]

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Royal Bank of Scotland tells clients to prepare for “monster” money printing by the Federal Reserve

On June 2nd, 3rd and 4th, respectively, I reported a growing chorus of financial pundits were going on record and warning of a coming sovereign debt crisis. Most of you are aware of the G-20 meeting that is closing in Toronto tonight. The G-20 members are a self-appointed group of governments and various government agency, [...]

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