Top Campaign Contributors: M. Romney vs R. Paul.

  From Zerohedge (source: Romney's top campaign contributors: Directly from Ron Paul's top campaign contributors (for some reason I can't copy a similar image to the one above): US Army $24,503 US Air Force $23,335 US Navy $17,432 Mason Capital Management $14,000 Microsoft Corp $13,398 Boeing Co $10,620 Google Inc $10,390 Overland Sheepskin [...]

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Limbaugh Endorses Ron Paul’s Budget Proposal

Also (predictably) claims it's his idea, but who cares? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHOSE IDEA IT IS. THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS THAT IT GETS DONE. I have often chided the statist republicans over at Bearingdrift that they are on the wrong side of history with their support of status-quo, establishment-favorite "more of the [...]

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May You Live In Interesting Times

Events are moving faster than most can keep up with. One thing liberty advocates must always be alert for is the dreaded deep cover mole. These are people and organizations who pretend to support you and your cause but who can be counted on to double cross you at critical moments, even if that means [...]

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Krauthammer unimpressed with tax compromise

Here’s the always-insightful Charles Krauthammer slamming Republicans for helping pass Obama’s tax deal last night: Remember the question after Election Day: Can Obama move to the center to win back the independents who had abandoned the party in November? And if so, how long would it take? Answer: Five weeks. An indoor record, although an asterisk should [...]

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Who Will Top the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Convention Presidential Straw Poll?

PRESS RELEASE Nationally Known Speakers, Breakout Seminars & National Policy Experts Forum also Featured Richmond, Va. – One of the first presidential straw polls of the 2012 campaign will be a highlight of the inaugural Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention on Oct. 8-9 in Richmond, Va. The straw poll, administered by leading conservative media group [...]

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