And they’re taking it from us, bit by bit. But who are “they”?

Often I am asked whether I think the economic and political destruction of this thing we call “America” is merely a consequence of various unrelated actions, or if I think it is a course of deliberate actions set upon by people who mean to destroy and then enslave us. Usually I would hedge by replying that it didn’t matter, the destruction and resulting enslavement were very real regardless of the source and the solution was the same either way.

After such a long train of abuses I am now willing to state that in my opinion it is impossible to conclude that the ongoing destruction of America is caused by anything other than deliberate actions by our enemies.

That’s right: enemies. Who are these “enemies”? They are not necessarily the ones we are told to fear. Who are we beholden to? Who borrows money in our names and then gives it to people who vote for still more? Who controls our lives? Who ignores our entreaties, and then our demands? Who limits our liberty, telling us we can’t be trusted with it, or that we might hurt ourselves? Some guy in a cave, or someone a little closer to home?

From Liberty News Radio (1) :

    Islam did not change the bankruptcy laws in 2005 and 2006 while simultaneously changing the financial lending rules[2]. Islam did not then extend millions of personal and business borrowers a Hobson’s choice of escalating variable interest rates and balloon payments (many of which have yet to pop). Islam did not deliberately withhold lending in 2008 to then cause desperation and panic as millions of households and businesses struggled to provide the banco-nationalists their tons of flesh. Islam did not bankrupt and then cast thousands of families into the streets and destroy millions of jobs to increase their suffering and thus their political and financial malleability. Islam did not then demand, and receive, a trillion dollars of tribute, or more, for the financial terrorists who deliberately precipitated this crisis in a time of presumed war against terror. Islam does not continue to profit even today on the suffering of people who had their lives, and the lives of their children, destroyed for the benefit of an evil few.Islam did none of these things. Islam could not do any of these things.Stealing from people in the name of law, enslaving generations of children, (physically or fiscally) and hollowing out the souls of mankind for the profit of a wealthy few is a crime against humanity which must one day be adjudged.

I might add a few items to the list: Islam did not pass the PATRIOT Act and federally militarize local and state police agencies. Islam did not walk thousands of guns into the hands of Mexican narco-traffickers in an attempt to blame American gun manufacturers for drug violence (especially watch the videos on the linked page) and then actively deflect a Congressional inquiry. Islam did not print $Trillions of new dollars and flood the globe with them, directly causing Americans to pay higher prices for food and fuel. Islam did not set up domestic intelligence “fusion centers” that issue reports classifying people who engage in unapproved political activities (such as supporting Ron Paul) as “domestic terrorists” worthy of active surveillance. Islam did not rule recently to overturn hundreds of years of legal precedent by ruling that Americans have no right to resist an attempt by police to unlawfully enter their homes (as in, without either an invitation or a warrant). Islam did not threaten Texas with a statewide no-fly zone if Texas passed a law banning sexual assaults in airports under color of authority. Islam has absolutely nothing to do with the economy-destroying Agenda 21.

The door to your liberty is closing, folks. How badly do you want it? What is it you remembered for Memorial Day?

1 – some controversial items in the linked piece which detract from an otherwise thought-provoking description of the situation Americans find themselves in

2 – In 2005 the republicans, in full cooperation between the Bush administration and the republican-held Senate and House, and under a withering lobbying campaign by the banks, passed a law radically limiting the kinds of debt that could be discharged in bankruptcy. While this new law did not affect me personally, it served as a warning of coming economic troubles. When coupled with the fact that Alan Greenspan quit his post at the Federal Reserve at the absolute peak of his popularity and the nation’s apparent economic strength in early 2006, this was clear evidence of the looming economic catastrophe that since then has unfolded. These two events pricked my ears; the crisis’ beginning in August 2007 was not a surprise but merely the beginning of my close and constant attention. Congress = foreshadowing. By their fruits you shall know them. Always remember that. When they create a gigantic new intelligence and enforcement agency, and then aim it at you, there’s a reason for it.