GOP “leadership” once again kicks the can; approves continuing resolution theater

Well, in a move surprising to essentially no one, the spineless and worthless GOP leadership has caved AGAIN on offering even a semblance of fiscal responsibility, instead deciding to fund government with a CR (continuing resolution) until December. And then we all know how this theater ends....with claims of urgency right before the holiday, which results [...]

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Chesapeake-area Protest Update – Caravan Info

For those of you joining the Chester Patriots for the protest Friday in Chesapeake, below are some event details. From the Chester Patriots: _________________ Make your voices heard! On Friday, December 19, we will travel to the Chesapeake office of Randy Forbes and the Virginia Beach office of Scott Rigell to voice our disagreement with [...]

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House Passes Continuing Funding Resolution; Defunds Obamacare

In a welcome change of events this week, the republican House of Representatives presented and passed a continuing resolution (CR) today that funds 100% of government....except Obamacare (Affordable Care Act).  This is after all indications showed that the republicans were unwilling to attempt this strategy to stop the job-killing and rights-restricting Obamacare program, and had [...]

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What your representatives are doing (or not) about Quantitative Easing; UPDATE: Randy Forbes responds

On November 15th, the Virginia Tea Party Patriots sent a letter to the Virginia Congressional Delegation condemning the “Quantitative Easing” (i.e., printing money and causing inflation) strategy the Federal Reserve is pursing. We want to provide you with the responses we received. ---- Rep. Eric Cantor—who is a co-sponsor of the Audit the Fed bill—provided [...]

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Tea Party Surge in #VA2, Glenn Nye District?

The second congressional district of Virginia has been interesting to watch with 7 candidates in the race. One candidate, Scott Rigell, is the GOP Party favorite with numerous endorsements from the GOP like Governor McDonnell, Lt. Gov Bill Bolling, Minority Whip Cantor and over a dozen other GOP politicians. The Hampton Roads Tea Party has [...]

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The Anti-establishment Tidal Wave

In the wake of defeats of establishment candidates in recent Republican and Democrat primaries around the country, two Virginia Tea Party leaders are personally continuing that trend by endorsing non-establishment candidates in their respective districts. Karen Miner Hurd, Founder of the Hampton Roads Tea Party, privately endorses Ben Loyola for Congress in the GOP primary (2nd [...]

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