Why Young Americans Under 30 Should Look to the Tea Party as Their Answer for a Bright Future

This is a post I wrote that ran today on Broadside Books. Please share it with all the young people you know, especially those who don't understand the massive challenges they are about to inherit. ---- You have the most incentive of anyone to not only join the Tea Party movement, but become its most [...]

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The End of the Beginning?

The last not quite two years have been exciting.  The Tea Party movement has grown from protests and rallies and inundating Congress with phone calls, e-mails, and visits about pending legislation, to getting real fiscal conservatives elected to Congress.  We brought the foundational principles of Constitutionality and fiscal discipline and the issue of mounting debt [...]

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Or Else, What?

"We have to do it" came the cry. "It's the end of the world." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD8viQ_DhS4 Guess what? We let them get away with it, and now they're doing it again. It's the ultimate trump card, trumping reason, trumping fact, and trumping consensus. They're going to play this trump card until we make them stop. This [...]

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Some Notes on the Deficit Commission Report

John Merline at aolnews.com highlights six interesting points raised in the recent deficit commission report. I recommend you read his entire piece, but here’s the list without his comments:  1)      The federal government is horribly managed. 2)      Health reform's cost savings apparently were bogus. 3)      Millions of workers don't pay into Social Security. 4)      The [...]

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Debt Clock Time Machine: Back to the Future?

Have you looked at the national debt clock lately? It has a handy “time machine” feature (top right corner) that is frightening in what it portends for our federal budget if we continue with our out-of-control federal spending. While 2010 looks pretty bad, with a national debt of $13.7 trillion, the clock projects $17.4 trillion in [...]

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So Now We Know…

...why both so-called parties of fed dot gov don't want to deal with the illegal immigration issue: illegals are helping keep the Social Security system afloat. I've always known it was about demographics, but a recent WaPo article confirms it: by paying SS taxes but being ineligible to receive benefits, illegal immigrants are making a [...]

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