RTP Tax Day Rally, April 18th – Be there to stand for liberty

Richmond Tea Party’s 3rd annual Tax Day Rally is just over two weeks away. It’s being held again at Kanawha Plaza in downtown Richmond from 5:00-8:00pm. The following is an interview I conducted with Phil Rapp, RTP’s vice president and co-chairman of the Tax Day Rally committee, about this year’s event.  1) What can RTP [...]

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Tax Day Rally — April 18th

Get ready for Richmond Tea Party’s third annual Tax Day Rally! Where: Kanawha Plaza, Downtown Richmond (Next to the Federal Reserve building, of course) When: Monday, April 18th (Note the later than usual date) 5:00pm – 8:00pm It’s hard to believe it’s been only two years since our movement was born when hundreds of thousands [...]

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Richmond Tea Party: Seeing is Believing

    The following article is by Richmond Tea Party supporter Jill Finnie, who attended Thursday's rally. RICHMOND - I was one of the thousands of concerned citizens who made my way to Kanawha Plaza for the April 15 Richmond Tea Party Tax Day rally, not sure what to expect. You might call me mildly political, [...]

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Thousands rally on Tax Day at Richmond Tea Party

THOUSANDS RALLY FOR LIMITED GOVERNMENT AND FISCAL RESTRAINT AT THE SECOND ANNUAL RICHMOND TEA PARTY TAX DAY RALLY Richmond Tea Party Fires Up Supporters with Speakers and Action Items RICHMOND – Culminating a year of dramatic growth, driven by skyrocketing deficits and brazen Constitutional overreach by the federal government, the Richmond Tea Party hosted a [...]

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Tax Day Rally Today! Get the details here!

ARE YOU COMING? LET US KNOW BY SIGNING UP HERE (It helps us gauge crowd size) We are pulling out all the stops for our 2nd Annual Tax Day Rally, but we need you there to make it great!!! Details are easy. Same Time. Same Place. Kanawha Plaza (see map at bottom of page) Downtown [...]

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Tax Day Rally Speakers Change

Delegate Bob Marshall has been a tireless champion of our 10th amendment legislation in Virginia and had therefore been given an invitation to speak at the upcoming April 15th Tax Day Rally to talk about the huge successes of this legislation. Though the Richmond Tea Party is a grassroots organization that champions fiscal restraint, constitutional [...]

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