Creating Wealth

Here's part 3 in the continuing video series by Bill Whittle about the beliefs of small government advocates. This one debunks the myth that wealth is finite and must be obtained unjustly at the expense of others.

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Looking for a Movie This Weekend?

Try I Want Your Money. This documentary film about excessive government spending is being released on a limited basis this weekend to gauge the public interest. If tickets sales are high, they will expand it to many theatres across the nation. Three are carrying it in Richmond this weekend. Click here for details. If you [...]

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“I Think the Constitution is Wrong”

The first principle of the Tea Party is “constitutional adherence.” On the left, however, many believe that the constitution has outlived its usefulness.  Few politicians on the left will say this openly, since most Americans disagree.  So it’s notable that one of them, Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA), admitted in front of a camera at a [...]

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Herman Cain’s Stirring Speech

Herman Cain, who is a keynote speaker at our upcoming Tea Party Convention, gave a stirring speech over the weekend at Right Nation 2010. Therightscoop posted the video. We’re excited to hear what he will say to us next month at the convention. Please join us!

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Socialism’s Greatest Hits

For anyone who still doubts our nation is being pushed into socialist policies, has compiled a top 20 countdown of remarks from leading Big Government advocates, including President Obama and his advisors and allies. They better enjoy topping the charts now, though, because their popularity is coming to an abrupt end. Starting November 2nd.

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Help in Getting out the Limited Government Vote

An excellent new resource was just made available for helping proponents of constitutionally limited government organize their get-out-the-vote efforts more effectively than we have in the past to have a real impact on elections. It’s called the Concord Project and is found at For a detailed post about this initiative, click here.

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