The Gravy Trains

This is a quick update to this morning’s post, Runaway Trains, about the administration’s high-speed rail boondoggle.  Rasmussen Reports, the national polling organization, reported today on their survey of public opinion on high-speed rail: A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that, overall, 41% of Likely Voters favor the plan and 46% are opposed. [...]

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Time to Change Tactics?

RTP has had some questions about our involvement in the VA-9 race and lack of coordination for the 9/12 event. As I said before, we support both efforts, but in light of this discussion, I want to highlight a recent Washington Examiner op-ed written by Mark Llyod -- chairman of the Lynchburg Tea Party and [...]

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Veiled Transparency

It is so disappointing to realize that the Obama Administration, with all of its promises of transparency, has failed to deliver to "We the People." Granted, this is a difficult task, but it doesn't look like a priority any more for our Administration. Timothy P. Carney reported last week in the Washington Examiner that "Obama eliminated [...]

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