Harrisburg PA Files For Bankruptcy

Harrisburg, Pa, Said Filed Chapter 9 Bankruptcy -Bloomberg "Pennsylvania's cash-strapped capital city, Harrisburg, filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection late Tuesday, listing debts of $500 million and assets of $100 million, Bloomberg News reported Wednesday on its website, citing an attorney for the city counsel." The story is a perfect illustration of what happens when [...]

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Attack Watch – Obama campaign site

Attack Watch, new Obama campaign site to ‘fight smears,’ becomes laughing stock of conservatives By Elizabeth Flock,  Washington Post,  blogPost (Image: Google) http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/blogpost/post/attack-watch-new-obama-campaign-site-to-fight-smears-becomes-laughing-stock-of-the-internet/2011/09/14/gIQAspHDSK_blog.html Here are a few excerpts: As the 2012 presidential campaign heats up, President Obama’s campaign team has set up a new Web site, AttackWatch.com, to challenge negative statements about the president made by [...]

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Don’t Tread on Me (or Touch my Junk)

Charles Krauthammer has penned a brilliant column for the Washington Post, the power of which I will not dilute by commenting on it. Instead, I bring you the following excerpts and urge you to read the entire piece.  Don't touch my junk is the anthem of the modern man, the Tea Party patriot, the late-life libertarian, [...]

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Luntz: The Tea Party is Mainstream

In the Washington Post, pollster Frank Luntz reports on the results of five issues he studied over the past two years: a balanced budget, the elimination of earmarks, low taxes and a simplified code, auditing federal agencies to help cut waste and red tape, and requiring Congress to cite its constitutional authorization for any bill [...]

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Bank allegedly submits false evidence in foreclosure proceedings, 10,000 times per month; Feds, apparently complicit, yawn

From WaPo   Some of the nation's largest mortgage companies used a single document processor who said he signed off on foreclosures without having read the paperwork - an admission that may open the door for homeowners across the country to challenge foreclosure proceedings. As head of Ally's foreclosure document processing team, 41-year-old Jeffrey Stephan was [...]

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Change of Heart about the Tea Party? Kind of, Sort of, Not Really

An Independence Day-inspired Dodge Freedom ad featuring George Washington has reporter Amy Gardner wondering in a July 6 Washington Post article if "Madison Avenue has gone Tea Party." The ad shows George Washington advancing on a cavalry brigade in a Dodge Charger, with American flags flying. Does this mean the media will stop hating, and start hearting the Tea Party movement? Not so [...]

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More Hints of Honest Journalism

Here’s the beginning of a fair-minded Washington Post article by Robert McCartney (a man who doesn’t happen to agree with much of our movement, by the way): I went to the "tea party" rally at the Washington Monument on Thursday to check out just how reactionary and potentially violent the movement truly was. Answer: Not very. Based on what [...]

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Tea Party in Perriello's District Making Some Noise: We want a conservative candidate!

The Tea Party Patriots in the 5th Congressional District (which is Perriello's district) are making some noise this weekend that they are not happy with the candidate that the GOP Establishment and Beltway crowd are supporting, State Senator Robert Hurt. They have managed to get their concerns outlined in a Washington Post Article today. It [...]

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