Global Warming Stopped 16 Years Ago

Well isn't THIS interesting out of the UK? Looks like perhaps all the hysteria over global warming isn't warranted (we knew that already)? And perhaps, just PERHAPS, we don't need onerous governmental overreach into our rights in order to "correct" this global warming? As if its even possible for man to affect the climate on [...]

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Who Knew?! Democrats Against UN Agenda 21

  Hard to believe folks, but we received this invite.  Links have been included in case you want to do a little reading. The Concerned Citizens of the Historic Triangle is hosting author and activist Rosa Koire of Democrats Against UN Agenda 21, and Executive Director of the Post Sustainability Institute. Ms. Koire has spoken [...]

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Don’t Be Tricked! — HB614 Must Be Stopped! This is Agenda 21

HB 614 must be stopped !  Committee meets tomorrow at 7am What will this bill do?   Don't be tricked....This bill will prevent localities from being able to amend their Comprehensive Plans if their plans already have UDA's, inspite of the Optional UDA's bills passing the General Assembly. See the contact list below and urge them to VOTE NO on [...]

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Chester Patriots fight Agenda 21

Excerpt from a 1 February 2012 article titled "Citizens Speak out about Comp Plan": It looked as those in favor of Chesterfield County’s new draft countywide comprehensive  plan stayed home last Wednesday when the Board of Supervisors listened to comments  during a public hearing. Over 30 citizens took to the podium to express their opinion [...]

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Do You Like Having Property Rights? Watch Discussion with Tom DeWeese

  Watch the entire video...its worth your time.   From the video comments: Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center, is one of the top experts on the United Nations and threats to American sovereignty. In this interview, Mr. DeWeese alerts you to the UN assault on property rights via "sustainable development," biodiversity," and [...]

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Virginians! Protect Your Property Rights

This call for action is from Americans for Prosperity. Also note that the Cooperative Legislative Action Committee (CoLA)   believes protecting Virginians' property rights is  a  priority. (www.cola.   Dear Virginian: Join us in protecting property rights in Virginia. Experts on property rights, land use, and Agenda 21 will share with you why now is the [...]

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ACTION ALERT: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED DECEMBER 7, 2011 TWO PERMIT FREE PROTESTS   VTPP ALLEN / KAINE DEBATE PROTEST  RTP PROTEST AGAINST MAYOR JONES When: 12/7/11, starting at 12:30 p.m.   Where: Meet in front of Capitol on Bank Street, between 9th and 10th Streets, Richmond   RSVP and questions: Contact Becky Greene   Use 1 Sign - Different Message on Each Side [...]

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The Value of Freedom

Let’s review: $14.4 trillion in national debt $114 trillion in unfunded liabilities No federal budget passed in over two years TARP Bailouts of massive corporations while average Americans are struggling just to provide for their families ObamaCare (i.e., forcing citizens to purchase a product or service, while calling it “health care reform”) Many thousands of [...]

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