Let’s Get Christians Registered to Vote for Small Government

Did you know that of the 60 million committed Christians in America only 30 million vote in any given election? That’s sad. And it must change. Christians largely support small government, yet far too many of them remain on the sidelines as their government grows bigger, infringing on more and more of their religious liberties. [...]

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When the American Spirit was in its youth,…

[sws_blockquote_endquote align="left" cite="" quotestyle="style01"]the language of America was different; liberty, sir, was then the primary object. [/sws_blockquote_endquote] -Patrick Henry, 1788     [From a speech made on June 5, 1788, in the Virginia Convention, called to ratify the Constitution of the United States.] (Source: http://www.lexrex.com/enlightened/writings/liberty_empire.htm ) emphasis added.   Here's to remembering and celebrating a [...]

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Tea Party Rebels

An excerpt from my op-ed "Tea Party Rebels" that ran in Tea Party Brief over the weekend: With Big-Government progressives taking over virtually every facet of American influence, including both major political parties, they have dramatically expanded the power of government at all levels. As a result, the Left now embodies everything they once despised [...]

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Free markets – a self-regulating system

We are hearing the cry more frequently that the free market system doesn’t work and the critics point to all the injustices and inequities they can find to prove their point. However, to make that claim they have to ignore how the free market system works. A grandfather clock looks beautiful on the outside but [...]

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Why America is a Republic

As you celebrate Independence Day this weekend, take ten minutes to watch this excellent summary of the various forms of government and why we chose to be a republic instead of a democracy. Also, take this as a warning for what America could be headed for if we don’t quickly reverse course.

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Finding a Few Laughs in a Serious Time

America’s fiscal situation is awful, but Europe’s is actually worse, if you can believe that. Unfortunately, our economies are tied together, so their problems become ours. I understand that peering into the dark eyes of a financial catastrophe isn’t funny, but sometimes we must find a way to have a few laughs to keep our [...]

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