Fiscal Policy – A Primer on Debt and Deficit

Found this educational resource today on the debt and deficit. Its a 3-part series from John Taylor discusses the major components of fiscal policy and their effect on the US economy. This series covers the complexities of the budget process, the debt and deficit, and the economy and the deficit. Main Series Page The [...]

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Ooops, We Missed a Milestone!

While we were engaged in other efforts, we totally missed noting when the federal debt crossed over into $18 TRILLION. I'm not sure how we observe this...perhaps with some funeral dirge?

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America’s Free-Fall in Ecomonic Freedom – Charles Koch Institute’s Newly Released Video

Got 2.43 minutes?   This breviloquent explanation of our current  situation is worth watching... Freedom in America Today Excessive Federal spending. Excessive and burdensome Federal regulation. Excessive tax compliance. Diminishing private business. New news? No, but the message is effectively packaged and presented in this  piece. Oh, and the simmering undercurrent: how the United State's declining [...]

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Senator Coburn On on Doing What is Right Rather than Popular

Please watch this. This is from last week. It is mostly about the debt / deficit, but he covers a lot of very pertinent topics. Two 15 minute pieces. Great rant! Then again today, on the Senate floor (video loads on the right side of the page):

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Debt Ceiling: Cut, Cap and Balance First!

A vote on raising America’s debt ceiling may take place as soon as today. America needs leaders who place responsible, fact-based decision-making above all else. They might actually be in office today, fully aware of both pertinent fact and the best course of action. Their challenge lies in legislating from a perspective of whole truth [...]

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If This Is The “Deal,” I Have two Words: Bite Me

Budget negotiations are reportedly closing in on a deal to cut the federal deficit and then raise the debt ceiling. Bloomberg focuses on a big number and then, later, tells you that the cuts will happen over ten years. In other words, the dealmakers are going to cut a few hundred $Billion per year from [...]

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Senate Republicans Offer Amendment to Stop $108 Billion Bailout to Foreign Countries

Kudos to these Senators for finding a way to preserve hard-earned taxpayer money: "U.S. Senators Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina), Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), David Vitter (R-Louisiana) and John Cornyn (R-Texas) today offered an amendment to the Economic Development Revitalization Act to roll back the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) ability to use $108 billion in taxpayer dollars [...]

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