With Cruz victory in TX, is TP the new “Establishment”?

Obviously, the lame-stream media still can’t figure out the TP.  Are we a positive force for positive change, representing a formerly dormant large swath of Americans?  Or are we a group of stick-in-the-mud non-compromisers who will insist on “Our way or the highway”? With Cruz victory in Texas, is the Tea Party the new 'Establishment?' [...]

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Top Campaign Contributors: M. Romney vs R. Paul.

  From Zerohedge (source: Opensecrets.org): Romney's top campaign contributors: Directly from Opensecrets.org: Ron Paul's top campaign contributors (for some reason I can't copy a similar image to the one above): US Army $24,503 US Air Force $23,335 US Navy $17,432 Mason Capital Management $14,000 Microsoft Corp $13,398 Boeing Co $10,620 Google Inc $10,390 Overland Sheepskin [...]

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Time for All Tea Parties to Force Equality Under the Law

For two weeks, the Occupy Richmond group camped out in Kanawha Plaza in downtown Richmond. They acquired no permits, followed no regulations, paid no fees, and broke the law for their continued presence. In contrast, the Richmond Tea Party held three separate Tax Day Rallies in the same location, for which we acquired every permit, [...]

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May You Live In Interesting Times

Events are moving faster than most can keep up with. One thing liberty advocates must always be alert for is the dreaded deep cover mole. These are people and organizations who pretend to support you and your cause but who can be counted on to double cross you at critical moments, even if that means [...]

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Environmentalist Says Environmentalism Is Anti-Capitalist; UPDATE: Video Added

In a recent fascinating Fox news segment, the erudite host Stuart Varney interviewed Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace, the influential and once-responsible environmental group that’s become an organ of left-wing extremism.  Moore quit the organization when, he said, “Greenpeace was hijacked by social and political activists.”  He talked with Varney for 10 minutes about [...]

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RNC’s Michael Steele: “We ARE on probation!”

Today, on Fox News at 12:30 pm, VTPP president Jamie Radtke joined two other TEA Party leaders to discuss the impact of the TEA Party movement on the recent elections.  When the leaders were asked what message they had for the GOP, Jamie said, "They are on probation."  In the very next segment, the RNC [...]

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Fox Predicts U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade

This is not to be construed as investment advice, nor is anything else I post here. Consult your financial expert before making any investment decisions. Are you still holding dollars? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoYWlKnP6VI&feature=player_embedded

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