Bob Janjuah On Bloomberg: “No One Believes What The Banks Tell Us”

"The banks," of course, are the big, international, Congress-owning kind. Ten Minutes. A few highlights: "We criticized Japan for keeping alive zombie banks. We're pretty much doing the same in the West." "There's a grotesque misallocation of capital going on, away from the parts of the private sector that could use it, into parts, effectively, [...]

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I Don’t Care What The Polls Show

This isn't a democracy. Government by polls = democracy. Democracy = two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner. ===> Democracy = Where’s my free stuff? Yet, any understanding of the simple math of how a productive free market economy actually works, which is no longer taught in government schools (hmmm, [...]

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Free Markets – to stimulate or not to stimulate?

The economy is in a slump, so the government must step in and help stimulate it so we can have prosperity again. That sounds like a reasonable statement, so what’s wrong with it? A lot of things. The first is that it’s a magician’s trick. The way it works is that the government quietly takes [...]

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Five Things the New Republican Majority Must Do…and Won’t

1. Implement Constitutional Adherence. The list of possibilities here in endless, isn't it? 2. Implement Limited Government. For starters, someone can show me where in the Constitution it says that taxpayers are supposed to bail out banks. If no one can, then maybe we can consider NOT BAILING THEM OUT. 3. Implement Fiscal Restraint. Refuse [...]

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JPMorgan and HSBC Sued for Precious Metals Market Manipulation

Blythe your office. I have so enjoyed watching this story unfold. Remember this piece? A certain commodity market analyst named Ted Butler has been writing about commodity manipulation for decades. He found that a few large banks held short positions (had sold promises to deliver) silver on the COMEX equal to hundreds of millions [...]

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Five Reasons, and Then Some, to VOTE November 2nd

1. Constitutional Adherence 2. Limited Government 3. Fiscal responsibility 4. Virtue and Accountability 5. Free markets I’ve listed the five Tea Party Principles above as a reminder to us  all that we started this rebellion over far more than recent frustrations and indignation. We recognized that Tarp, Stimulus, Health Care, soaring unemployment and an economy [...]

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