Action Alert: Restoring the Founders’ Dream seminar on 9-22

Thomas Jefferson Center Event Where: Andrews Residence Hall Randolph Macon College 114 College Avenue Ashland, VA 23005 Driving Directions When: Saturday September 22, 2012 from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM EDT Add to my calendar   The Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Restoration invites you to attend the fourth "Healing of America" Seminar Series called   [...]

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Let’s Get Christians Registered to Vote for Small Government

Did you know that of the 60 million committed Christians in America only 30 million vote in any given election? That’s sad. And it must change. Christians largely support small government, yet far too many of them remain on the sidelines as their government grows bigger, infringing on more and more of their religious liberties. [...]

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Jewish humanitarian an inspiration for the TEA Party

    Raoul Wallenberg, a part-Jewish Swede, was instrumental in saving approximately 100,000 Hungarian Jews during the end of WWII.  Today, his story can provide inspiration for TEA Party patriots.

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Celebrate Liberty with Us on April 14th!

Let’s make LIBERTY the issue in 2012! Event details / donations at: Fellow Virginian, As someone who stepped up a few years ago, you are needed TODAY more than ever! We’ve had our successes, of course, but 2012 is the real contest, isn’t it? Now, we invite you to join us at Celebrate Liberty, [...]

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Does Liberty Have YOUR Voice?

Richmond Tea Party is joining forces with other regional Patriot groups to host Celebrate Liberty this Saturday, April 14th. From noon to dusk at Chesterfield Fairgrounds, we’ll all focus on something others find unimportant at best, threatening at worst. That something is Liberty, period. She’s freedom and peace and a better world for all children, [...]

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Liberty Looms Large This Year

Dan Henninger, columnist and Deputy Editorial Page Director for the Wall Street Journal, wrote a column saying that the concepts of freedom and liberty are strongly resonating with voters this year. He said the symbols of this mood are the "Don't tread on me" motto and the “coiled rattlesnake sewn into the famous yellow Gadsden [...]

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A Black Patriot Answers the Shallow Waters of Maxine.

As far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to hell. And, and, I intend to help them get there. ~From Breitbart TV Maxine, allow me to address your recent remarks about the Tea Party during the "Kitchen Table Summit" in Ingleside, California. As an African American Tea Party Patriot, I suggest [...]

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Free markets – a self-regulating system

We are hearing the cry more frequently that the free market system doesn’t work and the critics point to all the injustices and inequities they can find to prove their point. However, to make that claim they have to ignore how the free market system works. A grandfather clock looks beautiful on the outside but [...]

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Financial Reform Bill: Bank Lobbyists too Big to Fail, but Fed Can Spy on YOU!

Far from being an effective measure that protects anyone but the banks, the Senate's Financial Reform Bill is itself a testament to the power of money. Two thousand banking lobbyists descended on Washington to ensure that any effective restrictions on banks' power and guaranteed profitability were stripped away. They succeeded. The bill does virtually nothing [...]

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Paul Ryan Gets It

Like you, I’m skeptical of what our politicians tell us these days. But I must say that Congressman Paul Ryan—who became the face of reasoned opposition to the destructive health care legislation—has shown with this article that he fully understands the current assault on our freedoms. The article is long, but I urge all of [...]

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