Some Perspective on the Debt Ceiling (Video)

As we begin to hear about how terrible the republicans are due to their concern about the debt ceiling, I thought some perspective may be in order. Of course, both parties use this method to criticize the other, so this isn't just a democrat problem. However, when using the arguments presented, BOTH parties are correct: [...]

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Next Steps to Repeal Obamacare? As Many as it Takes.

The House of Representatives yesterday, by a 245-189 vote, passed landmark legislation for the repeal of the governmental overreach known as Obamacare. Votes in favor included three Democrats, although Virginia’s Dems voted “nay”.   It may help to take time for a call or note to those who have honored well-considered campaign promises. We should [...]

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Some applause…and a warning

Question: If you’re the incoming Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid vows to block the repeal of ObamaCare, do you  (A)  Ignore him? (B)   Retreat from your commitment to repeal ObamaCare? (C)   Send him the following letter: Thank you for reminding us – and the American people – of the backroom [...]

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Tea Party victory on atrocious spending bill

Since I made a negative post earlier this morning, I thought I’d balance it with something positive. (And I can’t overstate how positive this is.) The Statists in Washington thought they could ram one more reckless deficit-ballooning, liberty-stealing bill through in the lame duck session while we weren’t paying attention after the election and right [...]

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URGENT Manassas Tea Party Alert – Call your Senators!

Today, Dan Arnold of the Manassas Tea Party sent the following alert. ---- Friends, its snowing here in Manassas but thats nothing compared to the blizzard of insanity going on in Washington today. The Senate is threatening to pass an Omnibus spending bill unparalleled in its recklessness. Our economy is teetering on the brink, our [...]

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Constitutional Incompetence May Kill the “Food Safety” Bill

For once, I’m thankful for our “representatives’” total ineptitude when it comes to the Constitution they swore to uphold. The Food Safety Bill, which passed the Senate on Tuesday, is in serious jeopardy, because that pesky Constitution (Article 1, Section 7, specifically) tripped up Harry Reid (again). From RollCall: A food safety bill that has burned up [...]

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Beware the Lame Duck…

We warned you that the lame duck session after the election would be the Big Government advocates' last hoorah to jam through as much of their wish list as they could before finally being checked by a new Congress in 2011. And it has begun. Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid has promised to bring the [...]

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Harry Reid Attacking Your Free speech Today/tomorrow. Act now!

We just received the following email from Mark Mix at National Right to Work. Please act immediately! Harry Reid launched a sneak attack late last week to ram through the speech-killing "Disclose Act." The key vote to end debate and vote on the "Disclose Act" will be late Monday or early Tuesday. This is an [...]

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