Stopping Voter Fraud

Okay, we all know the Big Government politicians love to cheat their way to victory (Al Franken, anyone?), and it appears that the shenanigans have already started this year (see here and here, for example). So we must be extra vigilant this election (and every other one to come, for that matter), doing whatever we [...]

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In the Spotlight Now

Yesterday was quite a day for the Richmond Tea Party and like-minded organizations. The Richmond Times-Dispatch ran seven articles about us and this weekend’s VA Tea Party convention: 1) Tea-party movement in full force ahead of convention 2) Tea Party has some support among blacks  3) Chester Patriots founder has seen group’s membership swell 4) [...]

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Socialism’s Greatest Hits

For anyone who still doubts our nation is being pushed into socialist policies, has compiled a top 20 countdown of remarks from leading Big Government advocates, including President Obama and his advisors and allies. They better enjoy topping the charts now, though, because their popularity is coming to an abrupt end. Starting November 2nd.

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WE THE PEOPLE are just getting started

It’s been quite a ride so far, hasn’t it? In less than a year and a half since our first Tea Party, the movement has exploded into more protests and rallies, marches, viral videos of passionate town hall appearances, visits to congressional offices, bus trips to Washington D.C. (and other cities across America), online and [...]

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