GOP Double-Crossing Traitors

Ann Coulter penned a blistering condemnation of the federal GOP leadership today, providing frank commentary on how they seem to be intentionally throwing the debate on illegal immigration/amnesty. As we've suggested previously, neither major political party appears to intend to take a tough, fair, and legally grounded approach to addressing the illegal immigration problems we [...]

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House Leadership set to cave on fighting Obama’s executive overreach's become so common now that we almost can't act surprised, but reports are coming out that John Boehner and republican leadership have no intention of using the power of the purse to slap down President Obama's outrageous power grab (exerted for actions on illegal alien amnesty). We'd like to think that there is representation [...]

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No GOP, the election was NOT an affirmation of your performance

I've seen posted all over the Interwebs that the massive wave election this November was an indication that the people like the job that the GOP leadership is doing, specifically that The People showed their preference for "moderate" candidates over Constitutional conservatives. "Establishment" GOP-types are using the election results to push the false narrative that [...]

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“Bring it!”

“Bring It!” In a recent news article, published by a major firm, the headline refers to Tea Party and other groups as “insurgents.” The story caption reads “The Republican establishment’s much-anticipated pushback against the tea party wing is underway…”, as if reporting on a back-and-forth conflict in some far-off 3rd world country. Truly, civil war [...]

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Republican National Committee: You Don’t Matter

After a few years of seeing the success of the tea party, you'd think that the GOP would see the value of it. Perhaps even begin to drift toward more-conservative policies. Heck, the overwhelming victories in 2010 should be a clear indicator of the power of "tea party" type support. But recent events tell a [...]

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RNC’s Michael Steele: “We ARE on probation!”

Today, on Fox News at 12:30 pm, VTPP president Jamie Radtke joined two other TEA Party leaders to discuss the impact of the TEA Party movement on the recent elections.  When the leaders were asked what message they had for the GOP, Jamie said, "They are on probation."  In the very next segment, the RNC [...]

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Hampton Roads Tea Party Board Endorses Ben Loyola

Karen Hurd from the Hampton Roads Tea Party released the following statement about the race in Virginia’s 2nd district. The Hampton Roads Tea Party was created to fight back an overreaching, corrupt, and obese government – at all levels.  The Tea Party movement, including the Hampton Roads Tea Party holds both the Republicans and the [...]

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The Anti-establishment Tidal Wave

In the wake of defeats of establishment candidates in recent Republican and Democrat primaries around the country, two Virginia Tea Party leaders are personally continuing that trend by endorsing non-establishment candidates in their respective districts. Karen Miner Hurd, Founder of the Hampton Roads Tea Party, privately endorses Ben Loyola for Congress in the GOP primary (2nd [...]

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GOP Ignoring Tea Party Movement?

Tea Party movements across the country feel that the GOP may be ignoring the movement or at least delaying until the republican organization can figure out how to deal with the Tea Parties: "I have called into the RNC many times, and they still haven't called me back," said Dale Robertson, head of, which [...]

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