Is Rep Bob Goodlatte Shielding Corrupt IRS Officials?

We just learned that the House Freedom Caucus (the good guys) had to "reach a deal" with House GOP leadership on the vote to impeach IRS Chairman John Koskinen. The Freedom Caucus was pushing for a vote on impeachment, but inexplicably, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (VA-6) and others in House leadership have been working to block that [...]

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ACLJ Wins Significant Victory Against the Obama Administration’s IRS Targeting

In case you missed it, there were some recent developments in our lawsuit vs. the IRS. Read below for some comments from the ACLJ. We just secured a major victory in federal appeals court against the Obama Administration’s IRS.  The court unequivocally agreed with our position that the IRS’s targeting of conservatives has not ended [...]

Partisan Dept of Justice Decides IRS Not Guilty of Crimes While Attacking Tea Party

In a decision that absolutely no one finds shocking, the corrupt and partisan Department of Justice just decided that the IRS did not commit any crimes while it was targeting conservative groups with inappropriate and intrusive information requests, and while delaying and denying requests to obtain non-profit status for their organizations. (Press release) Of course, [...]

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IRS Created “Special Project Team” of “Hundreds of Lawyers” to Hide Information from Congress

New from the ACLJ comes shocking revelation that the IRS had an entire team of people deployed to obscure information from the congressional investigators looking into IRS corruption. We'd like to remind readers that Richmond Tea Party was DIRECTLY impacted by the actions of the IRS regarding the granting of non-profit status, and is included [...]

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BOMBSHELL IRS REPORT: Yes, Tea Party Groups Were Targeted

Just as we all knew, an upcoming congressional report is reported to confirm that the IRS was targeting tea party-type groups for greater scrutiny and had plans for increased denials. Even though our initial lawsuit was tossed, this isn't over yet. Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit like knowing that my government was leveraging its [...]

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So our IRS lawsuit got tossed…

As expected, the path to justice in our IRS lawsuit will be bumpy. We learned Thursday that our consolidated lawsuit (41 groups) against the IRS for targeting the Richmond Tea Party was dismissed by the federal district court in DC (shocker, I know). From our attorney, the American Center for Law & Justice: Yesterday a [...]

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IRS is a criminal organization and we protected you

As many of you know, we (the Richmond Tea Party) were targeted by the IRS for unfair (criminal) scrutiny when applying for our 501(c)(4) non-profit status. As part of that application process, we received demands to turn over our donor lists and for personal and private information about RTP leadership and our families. Keeping donor [...]

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Exec Dir Larry Nordvig “On the Record” with Greta

Click the link to see what Richmond Tea Party thinks about Lois Lerner retiring from the IRS on your dime!

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IRS Making Moves to Lock YOUR Investments?

So it appears that the IRS has made a new rule about Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs) to limit your options to shift your savings/investment dollars overseas. If this signaling the beginning of the federal government working to get tighter control of YOUR money to suit its own ends? This is not unprecedented, and any claims [...]

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Executive Director Update – 7/1/2013

Photo: FoxNews Insider Greetings Fellow Patriots! This week, we celebrate some victories, and we face renewed challenges. Victories first! A little over a week ago, the Richmond Tea Party packed two charter buses with our Patriots and sent them straight into the “lion’s den.” Almost 150 of our supporters united with thousands of [...]

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IRS Rally Report

Last week, supporters from the Richmond Tea Party made the trek to our Nation’s Capital for the “Audit the IRS” rally, sponsored by the nation-wide Tea Party Patriots organization. The outrageous IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, including ours, created a surge of resentment among liberty-minded citizens across the country. Here, in Richmond, sentiment ran [...]

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