Stopping Voter Fraud

Okay, we all know the Big Government politicians love to cheat their way to victory (Al Franken, anyone?), and it appears that the shenanigans have already started this year (see here and here, for example). So we must be extra vigilant this election (and every other one to come, for that matter), doing whatever we [...]

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The Feeding Frenzy Goes On

In spite of the gloomy forecasts we read daily, the Dems continue down that twisting road with the same old song, that being spend, spend and spend. Now The Hill is reporting they may try to pass another $1 trillon in spending during the lame duck session immediately following the November election. It becomes more [...]

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What Wednesday, 11/3/10 Will YOU Elect?

That’s right, my fellow Americans, WE will again choose our nation’s path in just a few weeks. We will awaken the morning of Wednesday, November 3rd to the consequences of our individual decisions, and I’m not talking about the decision we make in the polling booth. I’m talking about the decision we make regarding our [...]

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