Why Young Americans Under 30 Should Look to the Tea Party as Their Answer for a Bright Future

This is a post I wrote that ran today on Broadside Books. Please share it with all the young people you know, especially those who don't understand the massive challenges they are about to inherit. ---- You have the most incentive of anyone to not only join the Tea Party movement, but become its most [...]

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Debt Ceiling: Cut, Cap and Balance First!

A vote on raising America’s debt ceiling may take place as soon as today. America needs leaders who place responsible, fact-based decision-making above all else. They might actually be in office today, fully aware of both pertinent fact and the best course of action. Their challenge lies in legislating from a perspective of whole truth [...]

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Fiscal Responsibility – needs and wants

I would like to wear expensive designer clothes. I would like to have a brand new Cadillac Escalade. I would like to take a cruise to the see the world. But I need to buy food for my family and I need to make my monthly mortgage payments and I need to purchase medicine for [...]

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Fiscal Responsibility – Spending vs Saving

In the good old days people only bought what they had money to pay for but that was before the days of the credit card. Now, when people don’t have ready cash on hand to buy something, they simply use plastic money. Of course, each month they get a bill for the things they bought [...]

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Fiscal Responsibility – Our government checkbook

Most people have their paycheck automatically deposited into their checking account and they make note of it in their check register. Then most people keep a running total in their check register so they know how much money they still have left in their checking account. Now imagine that your register shows you still have [...]

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Five Reasons, and Then Some, to VOTE November 2nd

1. Constitutional Adherence 2. Limited Government 3. Fiscal responsibility 4. Virtue and Accountability 5. Free markets I’ve listed the five Tea Party Principles above as a reminder to us  all that we started this rebellion over far more than recent frustrations and indignation. We recognized that Tarp, Stimulus, Health Care, soaring unemployment and an economy [...]

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Principled Government by a commonsense American

Tea Party supporter and patriot Bob Vogt has created an excellent document describing the roots of the crises America faces and how we must return to first principles of constitutional governance, principled leadership, and fiscal responsibility in order for our nation to survive and thrive again. He explains that this isn't accomplished simply by changing Congress [...]

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House Tea Party Caucus Forms

So after more than a year of being ridiculed, maligned, and told we would not last, the Tea Party has been such a dramatic success that Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann formed a Tea Party Caucus in U.S. House of Representatives. From the Politico: Bachmann, already a hero within the tea party, sent a letter to House [...]

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