Why Obama Hates the Gettysburg Address

That's a pretty bold statement! What proof do I have to back it up? I have the proof of my own eyes...and so do you. Without question, the shocking and unconstitutional power grab of the current President has been without parallel in our Nation's long history. Among the substantial pile of evidence, one could point [...]

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A 2X4 To The Head!

Liberals just got whacked by a 2X4 to the head! Or maybe just a cold shower. But millions of putative liberals are awakening only to find out they aren’t liberal anymore. It appears the prediction on that bumper sticker from about the time when “Hillarycare” was thankfully aborted, which read, “If you think health insurance [...]

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“Washington, We Have a Problem!” – Obamacare’s Failure to Launch

What do both the movie "Failure to Launch" and the launching of Obamacare have in common? Both were labeled a "flop" and both have certain "manhood" implications. Obama’s failure to launch his signature legislation is very telling of his failure not only to lead but to "man up" to his shortcomings. Consider this excerpt from [...]

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Beggars + burning embassies = failed leadership

She was there again this weekend. She must be in her late 40s, but her hair is neat, and her skin and teeth seem well cared for. She must be new to begging — that seems fairly obvious. Rather than meet the eyes of passing drivers, she keeps hers averted, looking down at the "Homeless, [...]

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2016: Obama’s America…Movie Is Disturbingly Necessary

CBS contributor and Examiner writer Scott Paulson assessed 2016: "fair warning, it’s disturbing – and quite frightening – to say the least." Some clips from this Chicago-based writer via a Los Angeles CBS affiliate: Fact after fact is put forth which shows that President Obama definitely has many skeletons in the closet that have not [...]

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Movie Unmasks Obama

"2016: Obama's America" is an informative, entertaining, powerful--and scary--look at Obama's real agenda. It explains Obama's beliefs and goals by Dinesh D'Souza's theory that they were formed under the influence of Obama's anti-colonialist father and leftist mentors. You can quibble with the theory (although it seems reasonable to me), but the movie portrays Obama's thinking [...]

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“2016: Obama’s America” Opens in Richmond This Weekend

The highly anticipated film opens this Friday in the Richmond area at six theaters. Be sure to watch it and bring as many friends as you can drag with you, regardless of their political beliefs. We all need to be as informed as possible when we cast our votes this November in the critical presidential [...]

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Obama’s War on Suburbanites

Alarming articles in Forbes and National Review Online show how President Obama has declared a clandestine war on suburbanites, whom he despises, and is stealthily putting means in place to eradicate suburbs by merging them and their wealth with the cities during his second term. According to scholar and commentator Stanley Kurtz, who wrote both [...]

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Michael Phelps, “You didn’t win that.”

Did Missy Franklin?  “You didn’t win all of those medals, someone else did.”  Really?  Should we not laugh?  Maybe a month ago we would have, but not today.   Peggy Noonan clarifies in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal: “After all, he [Phelps] and I swam in public pools, built by state employees using tax dollars. He got [...]

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Latest Quinnipiac Poll: “Romney Catches Obama in Virginia”

Given the derisive portrayal of business owners by the President while in Roanoke, one would think many a Virginian would wisen up. For the poll in its entirety, click here. Peter Brown, Assistant Director,  Quinnipiac University Polling Institute (203) 535-6203    Rubenstein Associates, Inc. Public Relations Contact: Pat Smith (212) 843-8026 FOR RELEASE: JULY 19, [...]

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