Beggars + burning embassies = failed leadership

She was there again this weekend. She must be in her late 40s, but her hair is neat, and her skin and teeth seem well cared for. She must be new to begging — that seems fairly obvious. Rather than meet the eyes of passing drivers, she keeps hers averted, looking down at the "Homeless, [...]

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RTP Volunteer Dave Metz’s Letter to the Editor

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, titled "What a Conservative Stands For": I am a conservative. I love my country, my God and my family. More than anything, I want to see this country prosper and provide an environment where everyone has the opportunity to realize his or her dream. I believe in equal rights and equal [...]

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“Welcome Home & Thank You” Parade for Our Troops!

  Put aside the politics. Come line the streets with your flags, your signs, and your heartfelt gratitude for the men and women who have served our country proudly.   ******* Come out Saturday, May 19th, for the  Welcome Home & Thank-the-Troops Parade. *******     The parade will start 10a.m. The route will begin at [...]

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Richmond Times-Dispatch: Tea Party, Chrisitan principles can align

From my recent column in the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Last August, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Cal., said, "As far as I'm concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to Hell … and I intend to help them get there." As a leader in the Tea Party movement, and someone who happens to be a Christian with an [...]

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Tea Party is still Stirring

Yes, we are! Below is an excerpt from  Sunday's Richmond Times Dispatch:   Tea Party is Still Stirring by John Pride .. * * * * *We are focused on liberty as the core issue of the 2012 elections. Our annual Richmond Tea Party event has been planned to make that point, with Celebrate Liberty [...]

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GOP Primary Debates Dates Are Set

From RPV is pleased to announce the dates for our three U.S. Senate Primary debates. Saturday, April 28th at 3pm - Roanoke Friday, May 11th at 6:30pm - Hampton Roads Friday, May 25th at 6:30pm - Northern Virginia   Specific locations, formats, and other details will be announced in the weeks ahead. All candidates [...]

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Scandal Engulfs Warmers

Yet another scandal has engulfed proponents of the man-made global warming hoax. A leader of the warming movement, Peter Gleick, recently released what he said were internal documents from the Heartland Institute, a think tank whose mission includes programs to counter warming deceptions with facts. Gleick has admitted scamming a junior staff member at the [...]

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Advancing the cause of liberty in Virginia

From a commentary in today’s Richmond Times-Dispatch written by our own Joe Guarino: We the People can gather in Virginia because, just over 220 years ago, a group of men we Americans call the Founders established a form of government whereby the People are in charge and grant certain limited responsibilities to a subset of [...]

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The ObamaCare Legal Challenge Has Merit

According to Ilya Somin of the Richmond Times-Dispatch: When 21 states and several private groups initiated lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the Obama health care law earlier this year, critics denounced the suits as frivolous political grandstanding. But it is increasingly clear that the plaintiffs have a serious case with a real chance of victory. [...]

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Debt Clock Time Machine: Back to the Future?

Have you looked at the national debt clock lately? It has a handy “time machine” feature (top right corner) that is frightening in what it portends for our federal budget if we continue with our out-of-control federal spending. While 2010 looks pretty bad, with a national debt of $13.7 trillion, the clock projects $17.4 trillion in [...]

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Worth Savoring

Yesterday's victory was tremendous, and one we should savor. The hard work is still ahead of us, of course. But I think all of the supporters of the Richmond Tea Party and supporters of Tea Party / Patriot / 9/12 groups across Virginia truly earned the following comments taken from this morning's Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial: [...]

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