Why St. Louis Tea Party Went to Ferguson To Shop

Actions speaks louder than words....that's the message that the St. Louis Tea Party wanted to communicate to the businesses (and families) of Ferguson Missouri, where riots following a police shooting had rocked that town. Tea Parties show their strength and can share their message more successfully when taking ACTION, not just commiserating about how the [...]

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“Bring it!”

“Bring It!” In a recent news article, published by a major firm, the headline refers to Tea Party and other groups as “insurgents.” The story caption reads “The Republican establishment’s much-anticipated pushback against the tea party wing is underway…”, as if reporting on a back-and-forth conflict in some far-off 3rd world country. Truly, civil war [...]

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Racism Thrives Where it Always Has…On the Left!

The title might surprise you, but there is ample evidence to support the claim. The Left has been, and still is, the incubator and dwelling place of rampant racism in this country. Although it is common to see conservative groups of the Right painted with the broad brush of bigotry, history and current events show [...]

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“With a Little Help From My Friends”

Something happened today, and I couldn't help but think of the chorus to a familiar pop tune, "I get by with a little help from my friends." I received a remarkable email from a fellow Tea Party director who happens to live in another state. What makes this email so remarkable is that it contains [...]

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“Don’t Tread On Me” License Plate Drive!

Register for "Don't Tread On Me" License Plates, Get a FREE Richmond Tea Party Car Magnet! Imagine the impact of hundreds of little "Tea Party" billboards all throughout the Richmond Metro area! You can help make that a reality by putting "Don't Tread On Me" plates on you car. Thousands of people will see the [...]

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CONFIRMED: IRS Targeted Tea Party Groups (Updated)

Treading on Us.... As reported Friday, a senior executive for the IRS (Lois Lerner) admitted that tea party and patriot groups had been inappropriately targeted for additional reviews, specifically regarding requests for non-profit tax status. These reviews contained requests for information that were intrusive and offensive in nature, further delaying non-profit status requests from being [...]

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Lt. Gen. Wm. G. “Jerry” Boykin – April 21, 2013

  Lt. General Wm. G "Jerry" Boykin U.S. Army retired - Activist for Liberty Sunday April 21st at 3pm Ft. Lee Baptist Church, Richmond, VA General Boykin will speak to Tea Partiers and the Public about Changing U.S. Ideology: a Drift towards Marxism SEE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7w3ZEbC09k Photo: US Army via Getty Images   Lt.General [...]

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Are You Here to Stay?

Jenny Beth Martin from the Tea Party Patriots national organization had some comments about the long-term viability of tea party efforts published in Time magazine on February 27th. Yes, you heard correctly...Time magazine. Bottom line? We're not going anywhere!   Snippet: It was February 2009 when my family hit rock-bottom. Little did I know that, [...]

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The Tea Party Has Not Yet Begun to Fight

    From Breitbart today, a story about the tea party's current state of influence. Timely article given Speaker Boehner's inability to get his "Plan B" bill passed, which would extend current tax rates on most Americans while increasing those making more than $1 million annually.     From the article: If the Tea Party [...]

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Vote, In Numbers Too Great to Ignore!

Today, I spent some time with Esther and Alan, laid-off workers from southwestern Virginia’s coal mining country. These Virginians, and many of their fellow miners, drove six hours to spend as long knocking doors in Henrico County. They not only know what’s at stake Tuesday… they live it. Esther and Alan are among 1,800 miners [...]

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Early Bird Discount for Fall Tea Party Conference Available Through October 10!

VA TEA PARTY PATRIOTS FEDERATION ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2012 "Getting There from Here" Tools ~ Solutions ~ Next Steps Nov 16, 3pm - Nov 18, noon Richmond, Virginia (Private Conference for Tea Party and Patriot Group members) The grassroots is well aware of the issues we face in winning our country back. This conference will focus [...]

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Momentum Builds as More Texas and Tennessee Volunteers Pour Into Virginia to Help Get-Out-the-Vote

Below is a press release from our friends at Election Day Tea Party. They have sent people to Richmond to knock on doors with us this weekend to advocate for liberty. If you're interested in joining us all, click here for details and how to RSVP. ---- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Lorie Medina lorie@medinausa.com 214-502-0153 Christina [...]

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