Vote, In Numbers Too Great to Ignore!

Today, I spent some time with Esther and Alan, laid-off workers from southwestern Virginia’s coal mining country. These Virginians, and many of their fellow miners, drove six hours to spend as long knocking doors in Henrico County. They not only know what’s at stake Tuesday… they live it. Esther and Alan are among 1,800 miners [...]

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LIBERTY makes us different from every nation

KrisAnne Hall of TEA Party Nation reminds us again what Liberty is all about, and why it is important to continue to protect it.  Read her rousing blog here. If this describes YOU and you think it's time to join the fight for Liberty, then volunteer with the Richmond TEA Party.  If time is not [...]

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Debt Ceiling: Cut, Cap and Balance First!

A vote on raising America’s debt ceiling may take place as soon as today. America needs leaders who place responsible, fact-based decision-making above all else. They might actually be in office today, fully aware of both pertinent fact and the best course of action. Their challenge lies in legislating from a perspective of whole truth [...]

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Trumping the race card

Okay, I’ve been trying to get you pumped about the Ebony & Ivory Two Nekkid Heads all-day event next Thursday (May 5th) in Richmond, but now I’m going to explain its importance to the greater freedom movement in America and why it’s critical you participate.  One of the big reasons our nation is in such [...]

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If we stay engaged, we win

I’ve been telling people lately that the Big-Government machine, well-funded and gargantuan as it is, can’t ultimately defeat freedom-loving Americans, as long as we are principled, informed, and engaged. We have the numbers and the passion on our side. And why wouldn’t we? Our core principles of constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets [...]

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Virtue and Accountability – What it means to be accountable

The word accountable was first used in the managing of money. We put our money into an “account” which literally means “to count” money. To find out how much money a person has, someone must count it and it is in this way that they “account” for it. To account for someone’s money when buying [...]

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Tax Day Rally — April 18th

Get ready for Richmond Tea Party’s third annual Tax Day Rally! Where: Kanawha Plaza, Downtown Richmond (Next to the Federal Reserve building, of course) When: Monday, April 18th (Note the later than usual date) 5:00pm – 8:00pm It’s hard to believe it’s been only two years since our movement was born when hundreds of thousands [...]

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Senate chairmen breaking their own rules

(As discussed on WRVA’s Doc Thompson Show, Friday, Feb. 4) Is it OK for state senators to break the rules when conducting General Assembly business?  More specifically, does a Senate subcommittee have the authority to take final action on a bill referred to it by a committee chairman? Last year and this year, bills in [...]

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Debt Clock Time Machine: Back to the Future?

Have you looked at the national debt clock lately? It has a handy “time machine” feature (top right corner) that is frightening in what it portends for our federal budget if we continue with our out-of-control federal spending. While 2010 looks pretty bad, with a national debt of $13.7 trillion, the clock projects $17.4 trillion in [...]

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WE THE PEOPLE are just getting started

It’s been quite a ride so far, hasn’t it? In less than a year and a half since our first Tea Party, the movement has exploded into more protests and rallies, marches, viral videos of passionate town hall appearances, visits to congressional offices, bus trips to Washington D.C. (and other cities across America), online and [...]

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Top Ten Reasons Why Congress Hates the Tea Party & Patriot groups (and why you should register for the Oct. 8-9 Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention

Top Ten Reasons Why Congress Hates the Tea Party & Patriot groups (and why you should register for the Oct. 8-9 Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention at 10. Most Tea Party & Patriot group supporters actually work for a living, and it’s human nature not to like people who are so very different from [...]

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Congressional Members Avoiding We the People

Not that this is a surprise, but many congressional members aren’t holding town halls. They know We the People will show up and let them know what we think about all the liberty killing bills they’ve passed, and they don’t want any part of that. Go to a Heritage Foundation page they’ve set up about [...]

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